“Galeno” is the anagram of “Angelo” (Micozzi), a doctor who has dedicated his professional life to the study of homeopathy and philosophy, with the conscious task of recovering the lost science, through Hahnemann’s translations, to explore the offshoots of this knowledge in the holistic branches of immunology.

The Project

Galeno Editore was born with an intent to disseminate and deepen the different themes of scientific and humanistic knowledge. While showing, at this early stage, a clear prevalence of homeopathic publications, compared to others, our editions want, over time, involve various other literary proposals, while knowing that a broad offer involves huge editorial efforts .

This challenge is intended to be a profitable starting point, aimed at embracing the different areas of knowledge. The idea of publishing a text of economy, so seemingly distant from the editorial site of homeopathy, echoes the propensity to multiplicity and wants to be an indelible mark in the proposals of future publication, assuming the moral obligation to found freedom of thought on intellectual rigour.

The Galeno editorial line uses a predominantly digital format. In addition to ebooks, books in digital format, also publishes on paper, according to the different needs of both the author and the reader. The idea is that of a continuous movement towards innovation applied to culture, following the epochal transition of the change of support, from paper to hardware

The publishing house is a virtual place. In addition to publishing books, it would like to be a place of meeting and cultural exchange… A sort of ἀγορά (agorà, Square), of which the βιβλιοθήκη (library) is only the logical consequence. “Galeno Square” is accessed through a “way”, called Focus, where works, considerations, testimonies and proposals are welcomed. It is there that you have to go to meet the everyday cultural life.

In Cahiers, on the other side, unpublished material is inserted on various themes, starting from the clinical cases, until you get to the most diverse issues, from the economy, to music, to literature, perhaps passing through the fairy tale and poetry. Here you can get some more information.

The eBook is an electronic book that reads on most of the devices on the market, from the simple reader, to the smartphone, to the tablet or to the computer, to enlarge the characters, to insert personal notes and to use the bookmark.

We could consider this innovation as a “portable library”, which can be updated at any time and in a very short time. Without forget, of course, the fascination and smell of the printed paper.

Galeno Editore is available to consider original works, for their publication, both in digital format and in paper format, in the various fields of interest (science, literature, essays, fairy Tales and poetry), subject to unquestionable approval. In the Cahiers can be added small essays, free from copyrights, after authorization.