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Use on this site

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Types of cookies are present on this site

Strictly necessary technical cookies These cookies are essential to carry out activities you request. For example, to store information provided by the user while browsing the site

Functional technical cookies These cookies allow the site to store choices made by the user, which can then be reused. For example, they allow the site to store search settings and other custom functions.

Third party cookies This site does NOT directly use any profiling cookies. However, this site does use embedded objects that download third party cookies, often capable of profiling your interests, searches or navigation, for which you will find detailed links below for information and to manage your consent:

Youtube videos

This website may embed videos from Youtube, owned by Google, which are capable of profiling and used by this website for the purpose of displaying Youtube videos.

– Youtube reference page

Google maps

This site may incorporate Google maps, capable of profiling, used by this site for the purpose of showing Google maps.

– Types of cookies used by Google


Flash cookies

This site may incorporate objects with flash players for animation or video that can collect cookie-like data on your terminal, used by this site to display videos or animations.Informazioni su Flash player

Cookie dei social networks

Questi cookie memorizzano informazioni legate all’uso del sito dai social network comuni. Per conoscere e disabilitare i cookie di questi social ecco i rimandi alle singole policy:






How can I manage and/or disable cookies?

This site is set to store cookies for one month.

You can delete the cookies installed by this site by clicking here.


In addition to the links suggested so far for each type of cookie, each browser offers methods to limit or disable cookies. For more information on cookie management please visit the appropriate links:

Internet Explorer





To delete cookies from your smartphone/tablet’s Internet browser, please refer to your device’s user manual.




You can also visit the Privacy Guarantor’s website, or view the following Tutorial for more regulatory and technical information about cookies.

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